Does laser tattoo wash hurt

The momentum of that year has passed, and now things have changed. The tattoo on his body shows his momentum, but now he wants to wash it off. Laser tattoo washing is not as troublesome and effective as before. So, does laser tattoo wash hurt?

Does laser tattoo wash hurt

The pain of laser tattoo washing is related to the treatment method selected by patients. At present, the common methods of tattoo washing mainly include chemical corrosion method, laser cauterization method, liquid nitrogen freezing method, skin grinding method, excision suture method, excision skin grafting method and so on. The pain degree of various methods in treatment is different. Patients’ friends should carefully choose the way suitable for themselves.

Whether laser tattoo washing hurts or not depends on the patient’s own condition. The degree of surgical pain is not only related to the medical conditions of tattoo washing, but also subject to factors such as their own tattoo color, tattoo area and tattoo years.

There are many times of laser tattoo washing and color tattoo removal

Ordinary tattoo, because the use of prickle pigment is mostly ordinary ink, not only coarse particles, and impurities, so the treatment difficulty is bigger than the tattoo and eye lines, usually need to completely remove, need 3-5 times, some patients may need more long time treatment.

The treatment of color tattoos is also more difficult than ordinary ones, requiring more treatment times. The interval between two treatments is 2 months. Because this kind of laser hardly damages the skin, there are generally no spots after treatment, which can completely restore the natural color of the skin. However, people with partial scar constitution may have scar reaction. Therefore, before treatment, patients should tell the tattoo washing shop about the situation.

There are great individual differences in the body’s response to laser treatment. In addition, each patient’s condition is light and heavy, so there are great individual differences in the number of treatments per person.

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