How much do you know about laser tattoo washing?

After laser tattoo washing, beauty seekers should pay attention to the skin repair. If there are complications, they should go to the hospital in time for doctors to deal with them. After all, what aspects need attention? Let’s understand together.

Laser tattoo knowledge

1、 Apply anti-inflammatory ointment after washing the tattoo. Tattoos with small areas can be coated with anti-inflammatory ointment (aloe gel, baiduobang or hongmeisu ointment), while those with large areas need to be coated with scald ointment first. Under normal circumstances, it can be applied twice a day for 2-3 days.

2、 After washing the tattoo, there will be reverse color. Affected by the body differences and the intensity of pigment, the reverse color will appear after a few minutes to a few hours, which is a normal phenomenon. In the later repair process of tattoo washing, the color will become lighter one by one until it disappears.

Three, in the process of tattoo treatment, affected by various bodies and pigments, part of them will break and bleed or produce blisters. This is normal, but for the skin is not easy to heal and diabetics should pay special attention to medication, can not be infected, and when necessary, can be treated in hospital.

4、 After washing the tattoo, don’t always rub the treatment part with your hand. Don’t touch water within 2-3 days. If you are allergic to some foods (such as seafood, spicy, etc.), you should avoid eating during the treatment.

5、 Those with scar constitution should explain their own situation before treatment. Such guests are generally advised not to wash. If they must wash, they should be psychologically prepared.

6、 Pay attention to sunscreen after washing tattoos. Those who seek beauty after repeated treatment may leave pigmentation marks. After washing tattoos, they generally appear brown or reddish, which can be completely repaired in half a year to a year.

7、 The interval between tattoo washing and each treatment should not be less than one month. It is generally recommended to take two months.

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