Precautions for picosecond laser tattoo washing

Maybe you just have a preliminary understanding of the way to wash tattoos. If you want to do this operation, Xiaobian still suggests that you read it carefully. Picosecond laser therapy is to apply picosecond laser to the affected area, break the pigment particles into very small debris, and discharge them through skin eschar removal, or blood circulation discharge and cell phagocytosis to complete pigment metabolism. This method does not damage the rest of the skin tissue, so that the color of the tattoo fades. Leaving no scar after tattooing is the first choice for the treatment of tattoos, but the cost is slightly more expensive. Picosecond laser tattoo washing uses picosecond laser to smoothly enter the diseased part, and the dye is gasified and crushed during treatment.

Precautions for picosecond laser tattoo washing

After picosecond laser tattoo washing treatment, some of them will turn red and blister due to the influence of various bodies and pigments, which is normal. However, if the skin is not easy to heal, pay attention to medication and avoid infection.

After treatment, do not rub the part with your hand, do not touch water for two or three days, and avoid eating if you are allergic to some food; After washing the tattoo, if the blister on the skin cannot be punctured at will, it should be allowed to subside by itself.

The condition of scar constitution should be explained. It is recommended not to wash. If you must wash, you should be psychologically prepared; Pay attention to self-care after washing tattoos. The skin can’t be scratched in the process of crusting and itching.

After picosecond laser tattoo washing

Pay attention to sunscreen after operation. Pigmentation marks may be left after multiple treatments. They appear brown or reddish after operation and need to be repaired in half a year to a year.

The treatment interval after washing lines shall not be less than one month. Generally, it is recommended to take two months. Pay attention to the skin repair. If the skin is not healed or infected for a long time, see a doctor in time.

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