There will be no color reversal after laser tattoo washing

After washing the tattoo, the following situations may occur:

  1. After washing the tattoo, there will be reverse color. Affected by the body differences and the intensity of pigment, the reverse color will appear after a few minutes to a few hours, which is a normal phenomenon. In the later repair process of tattoo washing, the color will become lighter one by one until it disappears.

2, after the tattoo treatment process, affected by various bodies and pigments, part of the skin and bleeding phenomenon or blisters, which is normal, but for the skin is not easy to heal and diabetes patients should pay special attention to medication, can not be infected, when necessary, can be treated at the clinic.

  1. Pay attention to sunscreen after washing tattoos. Guests who have been treated for many times may leave pigmentation marks. After washing tattoos, they are generally brown or reddish, which can be completely repaired in half a year to a year.
  2. After washing the tattoo, pay attention to the skin repair. If the skin does not heal for a long time or has infection, see a doctor in time.

Can laser wash tattoo produce skin allergy

Plastic and cosmetic experts on whether laser tattooing will be allergic said: “laser tattooing is a safe, painless and effective way to remove tattoos. Whether allergy will occur varies from person to person”.

For a small number of people, laser tattoo will still have allergic symptoms. Therefore, before doing laser tattoo washing, beauty lovers must tell the doctor whether they are allergic and whether they can do laser tattoo washing.

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